Undercover Surveillance in London since 1977

Research Associates Experts in Covert Surveillance since 1977

Since it was first established in August 1977, by Paul Hawkes, Research Associates has been specialists in Covert Observation in London, in the UK and worldwide.


Specialists in Covert Observation in London

Research Associates have specialised in providing professional covert surveillance and observation in the private sector since being established in 1977.

We always provide suitable professionals, fully equipped to legally document any observation/surveillance task, often at very short notice.

We case manage each case with diligence, responding to the specific needs of the situation and enabling our client’s objectives to be satisfied.

Potential clients expect a very discreet, confidential and professional service at cost effective rates. We promise to satisfy expectations and often exceed them. Our professional experience since 1977 allows us to offer a very well thought out service, whatever the presenting situation.

Call us on 020 7243 1000

Private Observation and Surveillance Services in London

Private surveillance and observation, whether it be for personal, private or corporate reasons, is the covert observation, monitoring and documenting of the activities, behaviour or other changing actions, typically of an individual or individuals, either static or active.

Observation is the most focused approach to investigation, but to assure requirements are satisfied, it is vital to fully discuss requirements with an experienced surveillance investigator before instruction, especially when instructing via a Solicitor/Lawyer or other third party professional. Call our office in confidence: Research Associates: 020 7243 1000

Surveillance Throughout the UK and Worldwide

Since first established in 1977, Research Associates have also developed an intimate network of highly reliable surveillance professional throughout the UK and worldwide, as well as retaining our own specialised private teams in Greater London.

Specialised Covert Surveillance Team Operatives

Our observation team members are made up of both male and female operatives of all ages and from varied cultural backgrounds. This allows them to blend in to the varied environments. All our operatives share a simple distinction; they are all dedicated observation/surveillance professionals -surveillance/observation and is what they do professionally, every day and they have all been subject to extensive screening processes.

To avoid potential compromise -either operationally or legally- it is essential that only specifically trained surveillance personnel, rather than general investigators or other third parties, conduct professional surveillance/observation, whether the observation task is for corporate surveillance or a private matter.

Research Associates therefore only employ fully professional surveillance operatives. Our policy is to ensure that operatives are assigned to one task in any day, ensuring tasks are manned only by fully alert operatives. In-house observation teams deploy a wide variety of covert surveillance vehicles, including cars, vans, motorcycles and licenced taxis, all depending on the requirements of the observation task.

“Discretion is an absolute necessity for any successful surveillance or static observation”…

As well as being discreet in operation, Research Associates operatives also ensure that targeted individuals remain under continuous legal observation.

Where appropriate, photographic stills or video (time and date stamped) is acquired using advanced covert equipment, which is used in support of contemporaneously recorded notes. Our multi-layered reports and logs are of the highest standard and may be made Court admissible where required.

Preparation for Surveillance

Research Associates place great emphasis on preparation for any observation task, as this will generally lead to obtaining appropriate end-results.

This to best accomplished through close client liaison. A client typically has the best insight into the subject of the enquiry, often based on previously noted, but subtle (and sometimes not so-subtle) changes in behaviour, or confidential intelligence. This information unquestionably assists in establishing accurate briefing and instructions, which in turn allows us to provide a successful service.

How Research Associates Report

Our surveillance reports are focused, detailed and professional. As well as reporting to you in person (initially via a telephone conversation), our report documents the presenting situation and demonstrates we have undertaken a legal ‘impact assessment’, which shows we have considered the legality of the given task. Our report goes on to document the summarised results of the observation, which leads on to an ‘Observation Log’ which objectively demonstrates the following criteria: date; time; place and what was observed. This section of our report is supported by date and time stamped video evidence (where appropriate), or video stills which have been covertly gathered during the task, (only where to do so does not compromise our operation). Our reports allows the reader to fully understand both the presenting situation, along with the resulting evidence; whether the reader be a Court, a family member, or any other third-party.

Surveillance & Observation: Established 1977

Research Associates has a long history of fulfilling requests to observe and document cheating spouses or partners, as well as looking at insurance frauds, compensation claims, stolen property, personal injury, employee thefts, counterfeit goods, general frauds, or trade espionage. The very best way to obtain and document facts is to ensure use of only professional operatives who will produce clear, Court admissible reports based on contemporaneously written, data generated logs, supported by irrefutable video and photographic evidence.


  • Surveillance/Observation determining whether a partner is being unfaithful; to confirm or disprove adultery or to demonstrate inappropriate behaviour.
  • Surveillance to establish insurance or disability fraud.
  • Surveillance/Observation of a place of work including offices, construction sites, warehouses and other areas.
  • Surveillance/Observation of individuals for matrimonial or domestic litigation, as part of broader investigations into residential
    cohabitation, child custody, asset investigation or other domestic or matrimonial matters.
  • Observation of residential premises, apartments, garages, boats or aircraft

Other undercover enquiries

Paul Hawkes

M.A.B.I. M.I.P.I. M.W.A.D.

Private Sector Investigator RESEARCH ASSOCIATES

Investigation : Security : Intelligence Established 1977

CRB Clearance:

Disclosure No: 110100104588132 Dec/2011 Renewable Dec 2013. ICO Registered No: Z536312X

Member of The Association of British Investigators

Member of The Institute of Professional Investigators

Member of The World Association of Detectives

Member of The World Association of Private Investigators

Member of The National Association of Investigative Specialists

Associate of Internationale Kommission der Detektiv-Verbände

Member of The Federation of Small Businesses

Associate Member of The British and European Polygraph Association

Volunteer Team-Member of MissingKin.com: “Working together to find missing children.”

International Research Ltd is incorporated in the UK (Co No 2064057)

International Research Ltd incorporates/ the following trading styles:

Research Associates, AAPM Investigations, P H Investigations, and Kensington & Chelsea Investigations.

VAT Registration: 452170278.

Research Associates is registered under the Data Protection Act with The Ministry of Justice’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). All instructions received are processed conditional upon DPA Compliance. All inquiries conducted on our behalf are lawfully & ethically compliant. ICO Registered No: Z536312X

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Call Research Associates: 020 7243 1000

International: +44 20 7854 9000

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Surveillance Services

Detective Services Intelligence since 1977 FIND MISSING PEOPLE - find your birth mother, father, relatives COVERT SURVEILLANCE Matrimonial/Domestic TRACE MISSING PEOPLE Find missing people London UK Nationwide and International Surveillance DNA test Polygraph Testing:...

Established Detective Agency London

First established in August 1977 Research Associates has evolved over the decades into an approachable, highly accomplished and experienced intelligence agency. Research Associates enjoys an unrivalled reputation for the delivery of positive results and the resolution...

Established Detective Agency London

First established in August 1977 Research Associates has evolved over the decades into an approachable, highly accomplished and experienced intelligence agency. Research Associates enjoys an unrivalled reputation for the delivery of positive results and the resolution of problems exercising skill and proficiency, the utmost discretion and an authentic care for our clients.

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